We have been travelling around for years. Every time with greater fantasy. Usually aiming to reach places that travel agencies would not even dream about. Our means of transport are always adjusted to our destinations.

We reached the world’s end – we are still looking for its … origin.

Despite our name (4x4), there are only two of us. However, we do have four eyes, four hands and four legs. Four wheels too. We have been a team for years, which worries our other halves. It appears we complement one another. A humanist and a technocrat. A daydreamer and a down-to-earth man. That is why we are never bored during expeditions.  We are constantly looking for new friends. We always choose like-minded people to take part in our adventures. Age and sex  do not matter, as experience shows. We have opened this website to contact dreamers just like ourselves. We invite you to join our worldwide company or virtually at least. Perhaps it is you who will inspire our next destination?..

We made our dreams come true –  we will help fulfill yours.


Name: Vislav

Surname: Cholewa

Nickname: Chairman (unwanted, imposed by friends)

Year of birth: 1962

Family: stable since forever, two sons

Lives In: Beautiful area near Kraków

Profession: still charmain, but a bit less now...

Travel achievements: I have been here and there, but I am most proud of a journey in 2008 to the Central Asian mountains with a 23-year-old Toyota, with broken brakes

Favourite places around the world: Kyrgyzstan, Las Vegas and Utah

Favourite places in Poland: Masuria and Hel (only in early springtime)

The worst place In the Word: Bušovce  in Slovakia ( the biggest  rat hole I ever saw)

The worst place In Poland: Rail station in Elk

Favourite dish: Uruguayan beef steak

Hobbies: I am still thinking about this…

I hate: aggressive people after alcohol, pseudo football supporters

Favorite travel object: book and a drink (strong!!!)

Virtues: no vices

Vices: no virtues


Name: Przemek

Surname: Osuchowski

Nickname: Oberżyświat or Alcowalker

Year of birth: 1961

Family: Matrimonial gambler, father of Ola and Lech, granddad of Krzys

Lives in: Krakow & Toronto

Profession: reporter, screenwriter, blogger and photographer

Travel achievements: more than 80 countries with a backpack or a car

Favourite places around the world: Salar de Uiuni (Bolivia), Gili Air near Lombok (Indonesia), The Lofoten Islands (Norway)

Favourite places in Poland: Bieszczady, Hel, Borne-Sulinowo

The worst place In the Word: Tirana

The worst place In Poland: Central Warsaw Railway station

Favourite dish: Hungarian Fish soup

Hobbies: fruit distillates, tobacco, bridge, women – generally in this order…

I hate: walking uphill, getting up early, mobile phones and shopping centres

Favorite travel object: compass, bottle-opener

Virtues: unlimited imagination

Vices: unlimited…memory