In the winter you can look for off road on…the road. We wondered if a desert-customized car is of any use in extreme winter conditions. The Toyota Lancruiser had a typical Saharan up-lift. Now we just added independent combustion heating.

Two of us (Globetrotter and Wojtek) departed from Krakow and travelled across Vilnus, Riga, Sankt Petersburg and Murmansk. The lowest temperatures were in…Poland, 20 below zero. At the Cape of Nordkapp, a storm, a hurricane and minus 5 degrees held us up for 3 days. It was not that bad – we sat in the car rocked by the wind. The record snow fall turned out to be bearable too.

There were hardly any tourists. As oddballs, we could count on local Norwegians and Finns’ help. And Russia? We cannot criticize the quality of the roads, as they were completely covered by snow and ice. The White Sea, the Gulf of Bothnia and Riga were all frozen, just as cold as our vodka.

We travelled back through Rovaniemi, Helsinki and Tallin. All in all, we drove ‘in snow’ for 7000 kilometers and decided that neither Alaska nor Siberia pose a threat to us anymore.

Details are on the blog (but only in Polish).